Distributors in the era of the Consumer
imagine a world where each and every traditional Trader (having a tightly integrated Distributor and Dealer network) is embracing Technology to retain his/her core identity and structure, to discover the potential to become and not lose out their essence by getting into an Online marketplace.

Imagine a world where each and every Dealer would talk into an Android/ iOS app to obtain information about inventory or capture an image of a product and search for its availability with a Distributor. A scenario where a Distributor can define, onboard, track their Dealer channel – which could be of a multi-level Hierarchy, share new products and offers via social media like WhatsApp.

Imagine a world which offers Dealers a Mobile and web based Virtual Store front to display their products and catalogues, integrate into Accounting, ERP and Logistics ecosystems like Tally, SAP, Fedex, Gati to name few.

Imagine a world wherein Traders and Distributors track Purchases, Invoices, Bills, Customer Receivables integrated via a wide range of payment services and even offer an Credit Line to their dealers.

Izoleap’s vision is to bring this to a reality by using a Multi-Tenant, Saas Architecture deployed on Amazon Web services and leveraging a plethora of cutting edge technologies like Watson Visual Recognition/ Cloud Vision Api to search for products, use Alexa Voice service or Google voice to use voice commands or use location APIs of Google to track Sales or Movement of Goods.

Izoleap will leverage ML techniques like Statistical Classifications for customer retention, Fraud detection or Regression Analysis to seek causal effect relationship between Product sales, pricing Demography, Dealer characteristics (using clustering Algorithms) etc.

As we would like to say here at Invenzo labs………..